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Distributers are designed from the point of view of

Insulation coordination for UHV lines (above 500 kv) is done based on

A voltage of 1000 kV is applied to an overhead line with its receiving end open. If the surge impedance of the line is 500 ohm, then the total surge power in the line is

A three phase 50 Hz line consists of three conductors each of diameter 21 mm, The spacing between the conductors all follows: A – B = 3m, B – C = 5m, C – A = 3.6m If the line operates at 132 k V, the reactive voltampere generatd by the line per km is

If 3 MW power is to be transmitted over a distance of 30km, the desired transmission voltage will be

A 3-phase, 11 kv, 50 Hz, 200 kW load has a power factor of 0.8 lag. A delta connected 3-phase capacitor is used to improve the power factor to unity. The capacitance per phase of the capacitor in micro-farads is

The rated voltage of a 3-ph power system is given as

Hollow conductors are used in transmission lines to

The main criterion for selection of the size of a distribution for a radial distribution system is

In a transmission system the feeder supplies power to

What is the maximum value of a load which consume 500 KWh per day at a load factor of 0.40, if the consumer increases the load factor of 0.50 without increasing the maximum demand?

Series capacitor is used in a transmission line to

In HV transmission, the spacing between sub-conductors of a bundle is approximately

A consumer consume. 600 kWh per day at a load factor of 0.40. If the coneumer increases the load factor of 0.70 without increasing the maximum demand, what is the consumption of energy in kWh

58)Bulk power transmission over long HVDC lines are preferred on account of

The conductor of a 10 km long, single phase, two wire line are separated by a distance of 1.5 m. The diameter of each conductor is 1 cm, If the conductors are of copper, the inductance of the circuit is

A dc line carries

Which of the following distribution systems is preferred for good efficiency and high economy

For a standard conductor the ratio of GMR to actual radius is

ACSR is used in place of copper in overhead lines because of

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