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Which semiconductor power device out of the following is not a current trig- gered device?

With gate open, a SCR can be turned-on by making supply voltage

Optocouplers combine

When transistors are used in series or parallel, a snubber circuit is used to

Which of the following conditions is necessary for triggering system for thyristors?

Power MOSFET is a

Which of the following PNPN devices does not have a gate terminal?

It is recommended to use UJT oscillator for gate-triggering of the thyristors mainly because

In a UJT, maximum value of charging resistance is associated with

Thyristor A has rated gate current of 2 A and thyristor B is a rated gate current of 100 mA

If gate current is increased, the anode-cathode voltage at which SCR closes is

A device that does not exhibit negative resistance characteristic is

Equalising circuits are provided across each SCR in series operation to pro- vide uniform

In a GTO, anode current begins to fall when gate current

In a SCR circuit, the angle of conduction can be changed by changing

The device which cannot be triggered by voltage of either polarity is

When a UJT is used for triggering of an SCR, the waveshape of the voltage is a

In its application, an SUS behaves in the same way as

In series connection, thyristor having the highest leakage resistance or low voltage current will share

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