Limits and Derivatives

Welcome to your Limits and Derivatives  MCQ practice assessment.

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Find the derivative of h with respect to u if h=π^(2u).

Find the point of inflection of f(x)=x^3-3x^2-x+7

Find the slope of (x^2)y=8 at the point (2,2).

Find y’ in the following equation y=4x^2-3x-1.

Find the slope of the ellipse x^2+4y^2-10x+16y+5=0 at the point where y=2+8^0.5 and x=7.

Differentiate the equation y=(x^2)/(x+1).

Find the derivative of y=x^x.

Find the slope of the curve x^2+y^2-6x+10y+5=0 at point (1,0).

What is the limit of cos (1/y) as y approaches infinity?

What is the slope of the tangent to y=(x^2+1)(x^3-4x) at (1,-6)?

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