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How much do ten P2000 quarterly payments amount at present if the interest rate is 10% compounded quarterly

The place where buyers and sellers come together.

The sum of all the costs necessary to prepare a construction project for operation.

The length of time which the property may be operated at a profit

A man purchased a house for P425,000. In the first month that he owned the house, he spent P75,000 on repairs and remodeling. Immediately after the house was remodeled, he was offered P545,000 to sell the house. After some consideration, he decided to keep the house and have it rented for P4,500 per month starting two months after the purchase. He collected rent for 15 months and then sold the house for P600,000. if the interest rate was 1.5% per month, how much extra money did he make or lose by not selling the house immediately after it was remodeled

An investor has an option to purchase a tract of land that will be worth P20,000 in seven years. If the value of the land increases at 9% each year, how much should the investor be willing to pay now for this property?

This consists of a cash and account receivable during the next period or any other material which will be sold

Form of paper money issued by the central bank.

The value of the stock as stated on the stocks certificat

A written contract by a debtor to pay final redemption value on an indicated date or maturity date and pay a certain sum periodically.

The amount which has been spent or capital invested which for some reasons cannot be retrieved.

A wrong act that causes injury to a person or property and for which allows a claim by the injured party to recover damages

A market situation in which two competing buyers exert controlling influence over many sellers

A market whereby there is only one buyer of an item for when there are no goods substitute

A man bought a machine costing P135 000 with a salvage value of P20 000 after 3 years. If the man will sell it after 2 years, how much is the loss or gain (i.e. the cost of equipment) if i=10%.

The condition in which the total income equals the total operating expenses

It is sometimes called the second hand value

It is where the original record of a business transaction is recorded

The right and privilege granted to an individual or corporation to do business in a certain region.

Determination of the actual quantity of the materials on hand as of a given date

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