Diodes and Transistors

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Bipolar transistors usually have:

Which two elements in a field effect transistor exhibit fairly similar characteristics?

In order for a diode to conduct, it must be:

Pinch-off voltage VP for an FET is the drain voltage at which

A semiconductor having its leads labeled gate, drain, and source is best described as a:

The action of changing alternating current to direct current is called:

Avalanche breakdown results basically due to

The positive lead of an ohmmeter is connected to the anode of a diode and the negative lead is connected to the cathode. The diode is

Although current is blocked in reverse bias

If a low level signal is placed at the input to a transistor, a higher level of signal is produced at the output lead. This effect is know as:

A silicon diode is in series with 1.0 kΩ resistor and a 5 V battery. If the anode is connected to the positive battery terminal, the cathode voltage with respect to the negative battery terminal is

The ideal dc output voltage of a capacitor-input filter is equal to

Which of the following diodes is operated in reverse bias mode ?

Voltage regulation is the principal application of the:

For operation as an amplifier, the base of a npn transistor must be

Compared to bipolar transistors, field effect transistors are NOT normally characterized by:

If the load resistance of a capacitor-filtered full-wave rectifier is reduced, the ripple voltage

In a bipolar transistor, the _____________compares closest to the control grid of a triode vacuum tube.

The three leads from a PNP transistor are named:

The average value of a full-wave rectified voltage with a peak value of 75 V is

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