Digital Electronics

Welcome to your Digital Electronics  MCQ practice assessment.

Which of these flip – flops cannot be used to construct a serial shift register? a) D – flip flop

What is a switching function that has more than one output called in Digital Electronics?

Table which can perform the same functions as machines based on logic gates and can be easily reprogrammed without changing the wiring is called

What gate is placed between clock input and the input of AND gate to convert a positive level triggered flip – flop to a negative level triggered flip – flop?

The maximum number of inputs (load) that can be connected to the out- put of a gate without degrading the normal operation is

In which of the following base systems is 123 not a valid number?

An AND gate will function as OR if

A method for organizing and manipulating a data buffer, where the oldest (first) entry, or 'head of the queue, is processed first is termed as

Circuits that manipulate analog signals for its particular operation is termed as

How many cycles of addition and shifting in a 4 – bit multiplier are required to perform multiplication using the shift method?

A more precise representation of a digital signal can be obtained by using

Which characteristic of IC in Digital Circuits represents a function of the switching time of a particular transistor?

What will be the output from a D flip-flop if D = 1 and the clock is low?

Asynchronous logic is thought can be superior because its speed is not constrained b

An idealized or physical device implementing a Boolean function, it performs a logical operation on one or more binary inputs and produces a single binary output is termed as

A hexadecimal odometer displays F52F. The next reading will be

What are the basic gates in MOS logic family?

A NAND gate is called a universal logic element because

The decimal equivalent of the binary number (1011.011)2 is _______

How many errors can the Digital Electronics parity method can find in a single word?

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