Digital Electronics

Welcome to your Digital Electronics  MCQ practice assessment.

The quantity of double word is ________

An electronic multiplexer can be considered as a multiple-input,

In Digital Circuits, which of the following options represent the synchronous control inputs in a T flip flop?

Asynchronous logic is thought can be superior because its speed is not constrained b

What value is to be considered for a “don’t care condition”?

The binary code of decimal 21.125 is

Table which can perform the same functions as machines based on logic gates and can be easily reprogrammed without changing the wiring is called

Which of the following options comes under the non – saturated logic family in Digital Electronics?

Which of the following gives the correct number of multiplexers required to build a 32 x 1 multiplexer?

Digital computers are more widely used as compared to analog computers, because they are

Positive logic in a logic circuit is one in which

An AND gate will function as OR if

When does a negative level triggered flip-flop in Digital Electronics changes its state?

A NAND gate is called a universal logic element because

Circuits that manipulate analog signals for its particular operation is termed as

What is the octal equivalent of the binary number: 10111101

What is a switching function that has more than one output called in Digital Electronics?

What are the basic gates in MOS logic family?

The given hexadecimal number (1E.53)16 is equivalent to ____________

A hexadecimal odometer displays F52F. The next reading will be

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