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The forces that hold atoms together are called

It is a product of the weathering of complex silicates, particularly of feldspars which are abundant minerals

Electrons occupy all the orbitals of a given subshell singly before pairing begins. These unpaired electrons have parallel spins. This is known as: a. Building Up Principle

How many moles of are present in 44.8L of at STP?

The energy possessed by a substance that allows it to be changed into a new substance

The amount of energy needed to change a given mass of ice to water at constant temperature is called the heat of

Compounds which contain only carbon and hydrogen are called

Which of the following is a binary compound?

The element which has a mass of about 9 amu is Berylium (Be), atomic number 4. What is the charge on the Be atom?

The statement “mass is neither created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction” is known as:

A device used to measure density

These are compounds containing water molecules loosely bound to the other components

A laboratory experiment was performed to determine the percent by mass of water in a hydrate. The accepted value is 36.0% water whose observed value has an error of 5.00%. Find the percent by mass of water

Which of the following does not change with change in temperature?

What kind of chemical bond will form in binary compounds where the electronegativity difference between atoms is greater than 2.0

It is considered as derivatives of ammonia in which one or more of the hydrogens have been replaced by the alkyl or aryl group. It is characterized by unpleasant odors

When the same elements can form two different two compounds, the ratio of masses of one of the elements in the two compounds is a small whole number relative to a given mass of the other element. This is known as:

Which of the following is not a pure substance?

The ratio of density of the test liquid to the density of a reference Liquid is called:

The elements that a compound is composed of are present in fixed and precise proportion by mass. This is known as:

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