Basic Mathematics

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If set A = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5,…} is given, then it represents:

Find the sum of the infinite geometric progression 6, -2, 2/3

Find the length of the vector (12, 4, 4).

MCMXCIV is a Roman numeral equivalent to:

What is the lowest common factor of 10 and 32?

if a>b and c>d, then (a+c) is _______ of (b+d)

Simplify the expression i1^999 + i^1999 where I is an imaginary number.

Find the 30th term of the A.P 4, 7, 10,…

One is to fifty-two and one half as three and one-third is to ______

Round off: 6785768.342 to the nearest one tenth

Find the probability of getting exactly 12 out of 30 questions on the true or false question

The largest number that divides 70 and 125, which leaves the remainders 5 and 8, is:

If 15 people can win prices in a estate lottery (assuming that there are no ties). How many ways can these 15 people win first, second,, third, fourth and fifth prizes?

Determine x, so that: a, 2x + 4, 10x – 4 will be a geometric progression

_________ are irrational numbers involving radical signs

The sum or difference of two irrational numbers is always

Given log 2=0.30 and log 3=0,477. Find the value of log 48

Find the coordinates of the point P(2, 4) with respect to the translated axis with origin at (1, 3)

Which of the following is not irrational?

Find the fourth term of the progression ½ , 0.2, 0.125 …

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