PRC Allowed Calculators for Board Examinations

A hot topic that is commonly asked or brought up during examinations in the Philippines is about calculators. Exam takers are normally confused on the calculator model that could be used.

The Professional Regulation Commission issued Memorandum Circular No. 2004-06 dated March 4, 2004 listing the brands and models of non-programmable calculators that are allowed to be used in licensure examinations.

The following is the Updated List of Non-Programmable Calculators that shall be allowed to be used in the examinations after verifications with the distributors and identification of knowledgeable persons.

Accordingly, the examinees shall be allowed to bring in and use ONLY any of the following calculators that were identified as non-programmable.

In April 2018, PRC, thru Memorandum Circular No. 2018 banned the use of the two models, the Casio calculator models fx-991ES and fx991ES PLUS due to their “programmable features.”

Source: PRC Official Website