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A 3-phase, 11 kv, 50 Hz, 200 kW load has a power factor of 0.8 lag. A delta connected 3-phase capacitor is used to improve the power factor to unity. The capacitance per phase of the capacitor in micro-farads is

For high-voltage transmission lines, conductors are suspended from towers so as to

For certain geometry and operating voltage of the uncompensated transmission line, the ratio of power transfer capability to the surge inpedance loading with increase in length

Improving power factor

A 100 km long transmission line is loaded at 110 kV.if the loss of line is 5 MW and the load is 150 MVA, the resistance of the line is

Insulation coordination for UHV lines (above 500 kv) is done based on

A dc line carries

Which of the following distribution systems is preferred for good efficiency and high economy

The most accurate and versatile method of achieving reactive power compensation is by using

A three phase 50 Hz line consists of three conductors each of diameter 21 mm, The spacing between the conductors all follows: A – B = 3m, B – C = 5m, C – A = 3.6m If the line operates at 132 k V, the reactive voltampere generatd by the line per km is

Transposition of transmission line is done to

Series capacitor is used in a transmission line to

Which of the following properties has got higher value for aluminum in comparison to that of copper

The conductor of a 10 km long, single phase, two wire line are separated by a distance of 1.5 m. The diameter of each conductor is 1 cm, If the conductors are of copper, the inductance of the circuit is

A consumer consume. 600 kWh per day at a load factor of 0.40. If the coneumer increases the load factor of 0.70 without increasing the maximum demand, what is the consumption of energy in kWh

66 kv is suitable for transmission of power over

Guy wire is employed for

Conductors used in HT transmission lines are stranded because of

By increasing the transmission voltage double of its original value, the same power can be despatched keeping the line loss

Distributers are designed from the point of view of

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