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What is the accumulated amount of five years annuity paying P 6000 at the end of each year, with interest at 15% compounded annually?

These are products or services that are required to support human life and activities that will be purchased in somewhat the same quantity event though the price varies considerably

The amount which has been spent or capital invested which for some reasons cannot be retrieved.

Suppose that you make 12 equal annual deposits of P2,000 each into a bank account paying 8% interest per year. The first deposit will be made one year from today. How much money can be withdrawn from this bank account immediately after the 12th deposit?

A plant bought a machine for P200,000 and used it for 10 years, the life span of the equipment. What is the book value of the machine after 5 years of use? Assume a scrap value of P20,000. Use double declining balance method

It is defined as the capacity of a commodity to satisfy human want

A man bought a machine costing P135 000 with a salvage value of P20 000 after 3 years. If the man will sell it after 2 years, how much is the loss or gain (i.e. the cost of equipment) if i=10%.

It is the worth of a property as recorded in the book of an enterprise

Reduction in the level of national income and output usually accompanied by a fall in the general price level

It is the stock that has prior to dividends. It usually does not bring voting right to the owners and the dividend is fixed and cannot be higher than the specified amount

A market situation where there is one seller and buyer

A market whereby there is only one buyer of an item for when there are no goods substitute

The addition cost of producing one more unit is

Reduction in the level of nation income and output usually accompanied by a fall in the general price level

A market situation in which two competing buyers exert controlling influence over many sellers

Decrease in the value of a physical property due to the passage of time.

The simplest form of business organization where in the business is own entirely by one person

It is sometimes called the second hand value

Grand total of the assets and operational capability of a corporation

This consists of a cash and account receivable during the next period or any other material which will be sold