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The sum of all the costs necessary to prepare a construction project for operation.

A formal organization of producers within industry forming a perfect collusion purposely formed to increase profit and block new comers from the industry

It is defined as the capacity of a commodity to satisfy human want

A market situation in which two competing buyers exert controlling influence over many sellers

This occurs in a situation where a commodity or service is supplied by a number of vendors and there is nothing to prevent additional vendors entering the market.

The worth of an asset as shown in the accounting records of an enterprise

The money paid for the use of borrowed capital

Decrease in the value of a physical property due to the passage of time.

It is where the original record of a business transaction is recorded

The type of annuity where the first payment is made after several periods, after the beginning of the payment

The simplest form of business organization where in the business is own entirely by one person

Parties whose consent or signature in a contract is not considered intelligent

A wrong act that causes injury to a person or property and for which allows a claim by the injured party to recover damages

Determination of the actual quantity of the materials on hand as of a given date

An investor has an option to purchase a tract of land that will be worth P20,000 in seven years. If the value of the land increases at 9% each year, how much should the investor be willing to pay now for this property?

The sum of the direct labor cost incurred in the factory and the direct material cost of all materials that go into production is called

It is defined to be the capacity of a commodity to satisfy human want

This consists of a cash and account receivable during the next period or any other material which will be sold

The right and privilege granted to an individual or corporation to do business in a certain region.

Reduction in the level of national income and output usually accompanied by a fall in the general price level