Diodes and Transistors

Test your knowledge of diodes and transistors, including types, construction, operation, applications, biasing, etc, with this online multiple choice quiz. See how well you understand the basics of these electronic components. Twenty (20) MCQ questions from our test bank will be randomly shown for every attempt. Passing mark for this test is 70%.

Objectives: To provide an online multiple choice quiz to test the reader’s knowledge of diodes and transistors.

Welcome to your Diodes and Transistors

Compared to bipolar transistors, field effect transistors are NOT normally characterized by:

When diode is forward-biased

Which two elements in a field effect transistor exhibit fairly similar characteristics?

When a voltmeter is placed across a forward-biased diode, it will read a voltage approximately equal to

Pinch-off voltage VP for an FET is the drain voltage at which

A transistor in common emitter mode has

The depletion region in a Junction Diode contains

The action of changing alternating current to direct current is called:

The bias condition for a transistor to be used as linear amplifier is called

JFET is a

Which of the following diodes is operated in reverse bias mode ?

The ideal dc output voltage of a capacitor-input filter is equal to

If you wish to reduce the current flowing in a field effect transistor, you could:

A transistor can be destroyed in a circuit by:

If alternating current is applied to the anode of a diode, what would you expect to see at the cathode?

The approximate voltage across the forward-biased base emitter junction of a silicon BJT is

The diode in which impurities are heavily doped is

Which component can amplify a small signal using low voltages?

Bipolar transistors usually have: