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A medium access control technique for multiple access transmission media is ______

In OSI reference model, which of the following layer provides error-free delivery of data?

Protocols in which the sender waits for a positive acknowledgement before advancing to the next data item are often called ___________

collection of interconnected networks is called as __________

Which of the following layer protocols are responsible for user and the application programme support such as passwords, resource sharing etc?

__________ is the loss of energy as the signal propagates outward.

Print server uses spool which is a ______ that holds data before it is send to the printer

Polynomial code is also known as __________

The application layer of a network ________

Protocols in which the sender sends one frame and then waits for an acknowledgement before proceeding are called __________

Which layer of OSI determines the interface of the system with the user?

Which layer of OSI model is responsible for creating and recognizing frame boundaries?

What is the maximum data capacity of STP?

ISDN is an example of _______ network

_____________ specifies a star topology featuring a central hub and unshielded twisted-pair wire as the medium.

X.25 is an example of __________ network

A station in a network forwards incoming packet,s by placing them on its shortest output queue. What routing algorithm is being used?

Devices on one network can communicate with devices on another network via __________

Terminators are used in ________ topology

Which of the following condition is used to transmit two packets over a medium at the same time?

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