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The energy possessed by a substance that allows it to be changed into a new substance

The properties of solution include all of the following except that

2. Which of the following describes a chemical change?

The forces that hold atoms together are called

Which of the following is a binary compound?

It is a borosilicate glass with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, hence, it's wide for cooking and serving utensils

Which of the following does not change with change in temperature?

An example of a ternary compound is

What is the mass in kilograms of 10.5 gal (39.7 L) of gasoline with a specific gravity of 0.82

A homogenous mixture can be separated by all of the following methods except

It is a product of the weathering of complex silicates, particularly of feldspars which are abundant minerals

If a more active element replaces a less active one in a compound, the reaction is:

These are compounds containing water molecules loosely bound to the other components

It refers to matter that do not have definite form or structure

If the volume of the mole of gas molecules remains constant, lowering the temperature will make the pressure

The impossibility of knowing both the precise location and velocity of subatomic particle at the same time is known as the

The horizontal arrangement of elements of increasing atomic number in a Periodic table is called:

If a single reactant is transformed by heat or electricity into two or more products, the type of reaction is

What kind of chemical bond will form in binary compounds where the electronegativity difference between atoms is greater than 2.0

When the same elements can form two different two compounds, the ratio of masses of one of the elements in the two compounds is a small whole number relative to a given mass of the other element. This is known as: