will test your basic mathematics operations and knowledge with this online quiz. Answer multiple choice questions to see how well you know basic math concepts. Twenty (20) MCQ questions from our test bank will be randomly shown for every attempt. Passing mark for this test is 70%.

Objectives: To provide an online quiz that tests basic mathematics knowledge.

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MCMXCIV is a Roman numeral equivalent to:

It represents the distance of a point from the y-axis

If 15 people can win prices in a estate lottery (assuming that there are no ties). How many ways can these 15 people win first, second,, third, fourth and fifth prizes?

Given log 2=0.30 and log 3=0,477. Find the value of log 48

n² – 1 is divisible by 8, if n is

Simplify the expression i1^999 + i^1999 where I is an imaginary number.

If x >y and y>z, then x _____z.

The values of the remainder r, when a positive integer a is divided by 3 are

A semiconductor company will hire 7 men and 4 women. In how many ways can the company choose from 9 men and 6 women who qualified for the position

Determine x, so that: a, 2x + 4, 10x – 4 will be a geometric progression

Find the sum of the first term of the geometric progression 2,4,8,16,…

When rounded off to two significant figures, the number 4.371×10^-10 becomes ______

Find the 30th term of the A.P 4, 7, 10,…

Find the probability of getting exactly 12 out of 30 questions on the true or false question

Which of the following is not irrational?

If p and q are integers and is represented in the form of p/q, then it is a:

Using Euclid’s division algorithm, the HCF of 231 and 396 is

One is to fifty-two and one half as three and one-third is to ______

Find the sum of the infinite geometric progression 6, -2, 2/3

What is the probability of obtaining either four or five heads if a fair coin is tossed 10 times