What is Singapore Math?

Singapore Math is a teaching method of mathematics instruction developed in Singapore during the 1980s to foster students’ mastery of mathematics. It uses a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to develop students’ understanding of mathematical concepts. Rather than relying heavily on memorization and formulaic methods of teaching, Singapore Math educates students with an emphasis on problem-solving and visual analysis.

Singapore Math Framework

Singapore Math centers around the use of “Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract” (CPA) instruction methods. CPA instruction begins with concrete instruction to help students develop a concrete understanding of the concept. Students use objects or manipulatives to help them interact with the material and understand it on a physical level. After working on the concept physically, students are taught using pictorial examples to help them make a connection from the physical world to the abstract mathematics. Students will use diagrams, pictures, and models to understand the material and basic math concepts.

Lastly, from the physical and pictorial perspective, students will arrive at the abstract stage. Abstract math is mathematics in its simplest form. Through the repetition of the concrete and pictorial examples, the abstract stage will allow students to explore the concepts in depth and develop an understanding of how to apply the math in the real world. With the abstract stage, students are encouraged to use logical reasoning, manipulatives and geometric forms to work through the problem.

Singapore Math is designed to help students move past memorizing facts and figures, and to foster students’ understanding of mathematical concepts. It is designed to encourage students to be more independent in their learning and to use mathematics as a problem-solving tool. Through CPA methods, students are able to bridge the gap between the physical, pictorial, and abstract elements of mathematics to develop a more comprehensive view of the concept.

By creating a more comprehensive and interactive education program, Singapore Math helps students of all ages to gain a better understanding of the mathematics and to move beyond mere memorization of the material. Through its problem-solving tools and concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, Singapore Math helps students to better grasp the concepts, enhancing their long-term retention and understanding of the mathematical concepts. Singapore Math is proven to be a highly successful method of teaching mathematics and it is important for students of all ages to understand the basics and techniques of Singapore Math.